Rally for S17 in Newport on Monday the 17th

Rally on the corner of Hwy 20 and 101 for the ONE YEAR OF OCCUPY S17 from 4-6pm. This next Monday the 17th come down and show that the calls for reform are still strong. We still want a new system for elections, we still want the banks to be accountable, and we still want health care for all. We need strength in NUMBERS ON THE STREETS. The powers that be are waiting for us to stand up and demand change. The change that we want will bring peace and economic justice for our community and world. We have street walking signs and will bring supplies to build your own sign/message. WE need everyone of you down there this week to show solidarity with the movement for change Occupy Wall Street.
Picnic to celebrate our community movement after the rally this Monday the 17th at the park next to the Library from 6-8pm. We will all go down to the park after the rally and have a bite to eat and talk about how we can make a better community here in Lincoln County. Families welcome to this gathering, please bring what ever you would like to share, food, music, laughter.

What happened to “Government by the People?”

Have you noticed the increase in attack ads lately? Many of these ads are sponsored by unknown PACs that make unlimited, anonymous, and unaccountable campaign contributions. These are super-wealthy individuals and corporations, many of them with offshore assets and sources of income, that are able to take advantage of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and related earlier cases, giving corporations the same constitutional standing as people. Corporations are not people and are not entitled to the constitutional rights with which human beings are endowed.

These super-wealthy individuals and corporations are buying our elections and politicians, creating an unfair imbalance that not only affects the contests between the two major political parties, but also distorts the process within the parties between grassroots membership and the big-money interests.

Voting YES on this measure will send a message to the Oregon Governor and Legislature to support a federal action to reverse the Citizens United decision.   This measure is a step we must take to reclaim our right to decide our elections at the ballot box rather than have them decided for us by big money.

Please join us in supporting Measure # 21-146.

Lincoln Citizens for Fair Elections


Measure 21-146 County of Lincoln – Advisory Vote/Amending Constitution Addressing Corporate/Union Political Speech


Should citizens urge Congress/Oregon Legislature to amend Constitution to clarify corporation/union political speech rights, allowing campaign finance regulation and limits?


This is a non-binding advisory vote submitted by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to the citizens of Lincoln County.  It asks voters if they desire to urge the Oregon State Legislature and United States Congress to overturn recent United States Supreme Court decisions in Citizens United v. The Federal Elections Commission and American Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. Bullock and the State of Montana (holding that under the United States Constitution’s First Amendment corporations and unions  are “persons” who should be treated the same as individuals in political speech, thereby striking down campaign finance restrictions on corporate and union spending to influence elections, candidate selection and votes in both federal and state elections).   Yes vote expresses the desire to amend the Federal Constitution to allow the regulation, limitation, or prohibition of contributions and expenditures of corporations and unions in political election campaigns.  No vote indicates the desire to maintain the current law as interpreted by the Supreme Court and to treat corporations and unions as persons with the same political speech rights as individuals.

Greetings Linco…


Greetings Lincoln County, We need your Direct Action Now.

The concerned citizens of this area will collect 1,200 signatures from Lincoln County residents, County Commissioners will be persuaded to refer an advisory question to the November ballot:

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the spending of money is equivalent to protected free speech and that corporations, unions and other artificial entities are entitled to Constitutional rights and privileges originally intended only for human beings.

We, the registered voters of Lincoln County, Oregon reject that decision and hereby direct the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to support an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stating only natural persons are entitled to Constitutional rights, money is not equivalent to protected free speech and legislative bodies have the authority to limit campaign spending.

To sign this petition please click this link.

What is an advisory question you ask? It is a question that will be voted on the November Ballot. Everyone in Lincoln County would be able to cast their vote on this advisory question. This advisory question will be similar to the wording of our petition. It will advise the county to issue a resolution against corporate personhood and the unlimited amount of money that is flowing into our campaigns. For more information on advisory questions please go to this link. https://occupynewport.org/advisory-question/

What is corporate personhood? This is a legal fiction that corporation have gained over the last 100 years. It gives the corporation the same rights as a person under the constitution. If you would like more information on corporate personhood please click this link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_personhood

Getting such a question on the ballot is important for 2 reasons:
1) It raises awareness on the issue of corporate personhood.
2) If it passes, we will be sending a loud message to the State and Federal government that Lincoln County residents care about this issue and demand change.

How do I spread the word about this petition? If you can forward this email out to as many friends and colleges in our Lincoln county area that would be a great start. If you need help setting up a mass email list here are a few pointers.
1.take this email and click forward.
2. then in the address box add the first name of the person you want to email it to.
3. after the first name show up “occupynewport@gmail.com”put a comma so it looks like this “occupynewport@gmail.com,”
4. then you can add another email with a comma and so on until you have your list of names you want to send this out to.
5.when you are done you can copy and save this list either in Word or another application so if you want to send an email out to this list again you can.

Oregon Prepares to Just Say NO! to GMO

By Newport resident Claire McGee

GMOs have been injected into everything from baby formula to our dairy, and even our meat.

GMO food
Photo by Claire McGee Photography

(NEWPORT, OR) – Health conscious Oregonians are mounting a campaign to demand that GMO foods be labeled as such. The group behind this effort has a web site http://oregonrighttoknow.org. They have one month to gather enough signatures to place this issue on the state-side ballot in November.

The group advises that by early June, Oregonians will be able to go to the website and download a signature sheet to sign, and mail back to the organizers. They ask that you download several and get the signatures of your friends and family and mail them back by the end of June. One hundred thousand signatures are needed by the filing date of July 2, to get this onto the November ballot. The website also has a link to sign up as a volunteer.

Organizers say “If we ‘miss’ passing it this year, future efforts will be buried in Big Money from the corporations who profit from the GMO process. This will translate into a mountain of misinformation and large advertising budgets for TV and mail campaigns to confuse the general public.” For this reason, it is urgently important to get the signatures and pass this sooner rather than later.

Experts tell us that GMO* Foods are dangerous to our health and the environment. We want them to be LABELED so that shoppers will be able to make informed choices. We have a RIGHT to know what is in our food. Many European countries have legislated the outright ban of GMOs. Entire crops of GMO corn have been destroyed to eradicate their ability to pollute crops of Real Food.

GMOs have been injected into everything from baby formula to our dairy, and even our meat. If you live in Europe, avoiding GM foods is easier since laws require labeling. However in the US and Canada, food manufacturers are not required to label an alert to shoppers informing them if their food is genetically modified or not.

There has been success in having milk labeled – look for milk that says that it contains NO GE hormone rBGH/rBST. Look for foods that are 100% organic. Just because something says ‘organic’ is not enough. For example, eggs labeled “free-range”, “natural”, or “cage-free” are not necessarily GE-free; look for eggs to be 100% organic.

Michele Jacobson is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and author and is a frequent contributor to the NOFA-Journal. She lectures on nutrition, how to eat and shop for healthier food in the American marketplace, and health benefits derived from traditional diets of the world. She explains why we want to avoid GMO foods. Jacobson says that while human studies are sparse to date, there is a broad call for more research due to suspicion that foods made from GMO plants are linked to an increase in allergies. Indeed, “soy allergies skyrocketed by 50% in the UK, soon after GM soy was introduced.” Additionally, “scientists recently found GE insecticide in corn showing up in the umbilical cords of pregnant women.” She asks “do you want to be the next guinea pig?” We should not have to work so hard to avoid ingesting these questionable lab experiments.

In all the many articles written concerning GMOs, one constant runs through it all. ‘Results are inconclusive’ – and it is suggested we demand more testing from the FDA. Former Monsanto VP Michael Taylor now heads the FDA. Hence, their oversight leans strongly toward Corporate well-being, rather than personal health and well being of the individual. Despite many petition drives asking the government to remove him, and the Corporate influence over Government food policies, Taylor continues as the Food and Drug Administration’s deputy commissioner for food safety.

Farmed salmon treated with GMO injections experience growth at twice the normal rate. This biological tendency is transferred into humans, when eating this GMO farmed salmon. While of course, it creates huge profits for the companies engaged in the production of this ‘food’, common sense indicates this cannot be a good thing for the people. The health of Americans has been declining steadily decade by decade. Heath issues such as early maturity, obesity, diabetes and other diseases not heard of a century ago, are now rampant across our country.

In Oregon, we are taking a stand against profits over people. Infertility and immune function and changes in major organ function were unheard of when families were putting Real Food on their dinner table. This alternation creates large profits for health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry. What is more important – Big Profits or Good Health?

Please visit the website http://oregonrighttoknow.org and become involved. The time is now.