Greetings Linco…

Greetings Lincoln County, We need your Direct Action Now.

The concerned citizens of this area will collect 1,200 signatures from Lincoln County residents, County Commissioners will be persuaded to refer an advisory question to the November ballot:

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the spending of money is equivalent to protected free speech and that corporations, unions and other artificial entities are entitled to Constitutional rights and privileges originally intended only for human beings.

We, the registered voters of Lincoln County, Oregon reject that decision and hereby direct the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to support an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stating only natural persons are entitled to Constitutional rights, money is not equivalent to protected free speech and legislative bodies have the authority to limit campaign spending.

To sign this petition please click this link.

What is an advisory question you ask? It is a question that will be voted on the November Ballot. Everyone in Lincoln County would be able to cast their vote on this advisory question. This advisory question will be similar to the wording of our petition. It will advise the county to issue a resolution against corporate personhood and the unlimited amount of money that is flowing into our campaigns. For more information on advisory questions please go to this link.

What is corporate personhood? This is a legal fiction that corporation have gained over the last 100 years. It gives the corporation the same rights as a person under the constitution. If you would like more information on corporate personhood please click this link.

Getting such a question on the ballot is important for 2 reasons:
1) It raises awareness on the issue of corporate personhood.
2) If it passes, we will be sending a loud message to the State and Federal government that Lincoln County residents care about this issue and demand change.

How do I spread the word about this petition? If you can forward this email out to as many friends and colleges in our Lincoln county area that would be a great start. If you need help setting up a mass email list here are a few pointers.
1.take this email and click forward.
2. then in the address box add the first name of the person you want to email it to.
3. after the first name show up “”put a comma so it looks like this “,”
4. then you can add another email with a comma and so on until you have your list of names you want to send this out to.
5.when you are done you can copy and save this list either in Word or another application so if you want to send an email out to this list again you can.

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