Rally for S17 in Newport on Monday the 17th

Rally on the corner of Hwy 20 and 101 for the ONE YEAR OF OCCUPY S17 from 4-6pm. This next Monday the 17th come down and show that the calls for reform are still strong. We still want a new system for elections, we still want the banks to be accountable, and we still want health care for all. We need strength in NUMBERS ON THE STREETS. The powers that be are waiting for us to stand up and demand change. The change that we want will bring peace and economic justice for our community and world. We have street walking signs and will bring supplies to build your own sign/message. WE need everyone of you down there this week to show solidarity with the movement for change Occupy Wall Street.
Picnic to celebrate our community movement after the rally this Monday the 17th at the park next to the Library from 6-8pm. We will all go down to the park after the rally and have a bite to eat and talk about how we can make a better community here in Lincoln County. Families welcome to this gathering, please bring what ever you would like to share, food, music, laughter.

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