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Current Occupy Newport Working Groups:

Actions for Change Group: Art at, phone: 541-563-3615
To explore actions Occupy Newport can take to bring about the changes we want.

Local Economics Group: Stephen at
To find solutions to our local economic woes, including which banks to put your money in.

Communications Group: Rio at
Communications group is working hard to keep the information flowing to the Occupy Newport Group. We have set up a listserv as well as an email list. This group has a phone tree for those of you that don’t have email. The group will be able to send out news alerts about the Occupy Newport meetings and protests.

Media Group: Devin at
Creating, managing and distributing Occupy Newport media material such as videos and photos.  Maintaining @occupynewport twitter account, Occupy Newport youtube channel and ONP live video stream.

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  1. ‘Ever since the Boston Tea Party, it has been the spirited, explosive and messy protests and civil disobedience- sit-down strikes at auto factories and sit-ins at segregated lunch counters, for example- that have transformed day-to-day grievances into movements that make history. These actions dramatize serious problems and encourage people to become part of a crusade for social justice. The sense of crisis generated by such protests often forces political and business leaders- mostly concerned about order and stability- to respond by negotiating reforms.’
    Peter Dreier
    The Nation

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