Occupy Newport Calendar

maintained by John, Kit and Stan

One thought on “Occupy Newport Calendar

  1. I have lived in and around Newport off and on for years. It is sad to see that the heart of the town is being slowly destroyed and replaced with corporate interests and influence. Walmart expanding, Fredmeyers, Safeway, Walgreens, etc. These things represent the death of a long standing and beautiful small business culture that accents community and fosters togetherness. Local government shouldn’t be allowed to be corrupted by the glamor and claims of money these companies promise; it is a lie. I have had the opportunity to see the impact of this type of development in several distinct cities spread throughout the United States. The short term tax gain, jump in employment and revenue is merely a short term outcome to this development. The long term consequences are a drop in all three, and a loss of worker rights and opportunity. In 100% of the cities, small business and family incomes drop, usually with disasterous consequences to main street USA. We cannot allow the very characteristics that make Newport, and towns like it distinct, to be stripped away. It is this distinction that draws in tourists and revenue, helping families and community. Money that is generated by local business, generally remains in the community. Money generated by large corporate business benefits the coporation and does not remain in the community. I stand with you all in solidarity against this afront to human rights and individuality. Together we the people are to big to fail.

    -Joshua Mcwhorter-

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