Work Groups

Actions-For-Change Work Group:

Purpose:  To explore actions Occupy Newport can take to bring about the changes we want.  The Occupy movement has embarked on a world-wide occupation to change the system we live under from one of satisfying the greed of a few to one of answering the needs of all.  A society of compassion, justice, fairness, and equality is the goal of the Occupy movement.  The Actions-For-Change work group can examine and discuss any and all suggested actions; from within the work group or outside the work group.  Suggestions will be scrutinized as to their usefulness in furthering our overall goal.  The suggested actions can range from internal organization to public actions, or anything in between.  This is a work in progress.  The ideas presented here are meant as a starting point for further discussion.  This work group should provide some interesting discussions and some exciting actions to present to the Occupy Newport General Assembly.  If you are interested please contact me by e-mail or phone.

In solidarity, Art  E-mail: Telephone:         541-563-3615

Communications group: is working hard to keep the information flowing to the Occupy Newport Group. We have set up a listserv as well as an email list. This group has a phone tree for those of you that don’t have email. The group will be able to send out news alerts about the Occupy Newport meetings and protests.  The facebook page also is great and has good information.  This group would like to spread the word about the occupy movement to all interested member of the community by email and phone.  If you would like to help with the communications group please contact us.

In Solidarity, Rio E-mail

Local Economics Group: Stephen at
To find solutions to our local economic woes, including which banks to put your money in.

Media Group: Devin at
Creating, managing and distributing Occupy Newport media material such as videos and photos.  Maintaining @occupynewport twitter account, Occupy Newport youtube channel and ONP live video stream.

Stop Corporate Personhood Group: Alisha Kern

One thought on “Work Groups

  1. West Coast Shut down was a good idea! Sorry, I opposed it at first. I plan on attending the next GA and future GAs. Is it still being planned in Portland and at other Coastal locations?

    The system we are trying to change is very radical, so we have to be radical, too, if we want to effect change.

    My pet peeve is factory farms and any opposition we can drum up there.

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